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Integrated AC Motor Drive Package


Burgi Engineers LLC is your most reliable choice when it comes to custom and high-performance variable-speed AC motor systems. Through the integration of our motors with high-performance variable frequency drives “VFDs” and ancillary systems, we are able to offer unique AC motor drive and absorbing systems. Our long list of successes was earned through many years and many trials in the custom motor industry. Those experiences have provided us unique insight which allows us to consult with you on options that other system integrators and motor manufacturers do not recognize or understand. Our technology offers enhanced cooling of motor internals which allows us to provide more performance for a given volume. This gives us an edge over other suppliers in terms of integrating custom and high-performance rotating machinery into special applications. The AC motor systems we design and manufacture are put to use in a variety of applications. Often they are used for component and system-level testing in the automotive and aerospace industries. Our design, analysis, and manufacturing capabilities allow us to create AC motor systems that exceed others in broad range torque, power, and speed performance. For information on specific performance capabilities of our standard product offering please view our high-performance liquid-cooled AC motors page. We also have the ability to tell you quickly what we can offer in terms of custom power curves, speed performance, and custom interfaces. Contact us for further details.

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