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Vari-Drive Replacement Test Stand

Aircraft Generator Test Stand

Aircraft Generator Test StandAircraft Generator Test StandAircraft Generator Test Stand

Max RPM: 15,500 RPM
Max Torque: 141 FT-LBS
Max Power: 60 HP

This style of test stand is purchased by various aircraft generator repair companies in several different configurations to replace antiquated Vari-Drive Test Stands. The versatility of these stands gives generator rebuild companies the ability to test a large variety of the generators they rebuild. The stand showcased here utilizes one of our Twister™ blower cooled motors. Liquid cooled, more power dense motors could easily be integrated into this type of stand configuration. The test stand is controlled through a key pad which can be located on the machine or at a remote location, and gives the user the ability to easily modify test parameters. It is a very user friendly system. Our highly reliable stands are helping aircraft component rebuild and repair shops spend more time testing generators and less time repairing antiquated test stands.