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60,000 RPM Test Stand



Max RPM: 60,000 RPM
Max Torque: 26.25 FT‐LBS
Max Power: 300 HP
Gear Ratio: 5:1

This turn-key test stand was purchased by a European industrial seal manufacturer. The motor is an oil cooled 32S frame size from our Speed Freq liquid cooled AC motor product line, it is designed and manufactured by Burgi. Additionally Burgi Engineers designed the gearbox, It’s has a 5:1 gear ratio with a maximum output speed of 60,000. The test stand also includes a Variable Frequency Drive, a cooling oil recirculating system, a control panel, and a fault monitoring panel. The front of the large cast base extends forward and has mounting provisions to receive the customer’s test article. The entire test stand is CE certified for import into and use inside of the European Union.