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Seal Test Stand



Max RPM: 25,000 RPM
Max Torque: 6 FT‐LBS
Max Power: 18 HP

This turn-key test stand was purchased by a US based manufacturer of aerospace seals. The motor is an oil cooled 14S frame size from our Speed Freq liquid cooled AC motor product line, it was designed and manufactured by Burgi. This test stand boasts the benefit of being driven directly by the motor without the use of a speed increasing gearbox, thus reducing the noise, vibration, physical footprint, maintenance schedule, and cost of the test stand. Burgi Engineers also designed the entire test stand including the test article housing, which has the ability to adjust pressure (or vacuum) on either side of the test seal, it can adjust oil temperature and oil flow rates to either side of the test seal, and it can heat one side of the test chamber to over 500° F. The test stand also includes a Variable Frequency Drive, a cooling oil recirculating system, a control panel, test stand fault monitoring and test article data monitoring panel. The test stand is operated by a LabView interface designed by Burgi Engineers.