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Inertia Simulation Test Stand (Generator Testing)



Max RPM: 16,250 RPM
Max Torque: 650 Nm
Max Power: 175 kW


Historically, aircraft air starter motors and starter generator test stands have utilized heavy flywheel weights to create the necessary drivetrain inertia required for testing. The large flywheels are speed limited and provide limited inertia simulation. Our test stands do away with the need for flywheels. Burgi Engineers developed this test stand to allow an AC induction motor and VFD to create resistive loads which dynamically simulate a desired inertia and it is capable of high speed operation. This turn-key test stand was purchased by a US based manufacturer of aircraft starter/generators. The motor is a water cooled 28L frame size from our Speed Freq liquid cooled AC motor product line, it was designed and manufactured by Burgi. Additionally, this test stand includes a mechanical brake so that the drivetrain can sustain zero speed without overheating the motor during the test article’s stall torque tests. The test stand also includes a custom test article mounting interface, variable frequency drive, a water chiller, an air-oil bearing lubrication system, a torque transducer, a control panel with HMI screen, test stand fault monitoring and test article data monitoring panel. The test stand can be controlled through a remote interface via TCP/IP over mod-bus.