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for high performance rotating
machinery systems.
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Burgi Engineers LLC

Providing design and build services specializing in unique solutions for high performance rotating machinery. Engineers and manufacturers of high performance AC dynamometers and motor drive packages for system and component testing in the automotive, marine, industrial, energy and aerospace industries. Very broad range of experience from component level design to sophisticated turn-key systems. Industry leader in custom electric motor design. Burgi Engineers LLC has been in business since 2002, providing custom machine design, test stand systems and components for customers worldwide. Our world class design group excels in the arenas of mechanical and electrical design of rotating machinery. Previous successes and vast experiences, as well as the validation capabilities offered by our high speed test lab, gives us the unique insight to deliver test stands and dynamometers that push the limits of what is technologically possibly. We are undisputedly a world leader in the high-speed/high-power niche of the test stand market. Many of our liquid cooled AC electric motors and supporting recirculating fluid systems are used by industry giants in the automotive and aerospace business to test their most advanced technologies. We utilize the latest in computer aided design software for three-dimensional modeling and drafting; Finite Element Analysis for dynamics, stress and heat transfer analysis; and maintain cutting edge data transfer capabilities for optimal global communication.


Burgi Engineers Products

  • Test Stands and Dynamometers
  • Integrated AC Motor Drive Packages
  • Custom and High Speed Gear Boxes
  • Liquid Cooled AC Motors
  • Air Cooled AC Motors
  • Fluid Recirculating Lubrication and Cooling Systems
  • Air-Oil Lubrication Systems
  • Control and Data Acquisition Systems
  • Custom Rotating Machinery (Fans, Pumps, Couplings, Spindles)


Burgi Engineers Services

  • Mechanical Engineering Contracting
  • Electrical Engineering Contracting
  • Custom AC Motor Design
  • Custom Rotating Machine Design
  • High Speed Load Testing