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High Speed Test Benches and Dynamometers

The motors and gearboxes used in high-speed test benches are commonly the most complex and longest lead components in a test stand build.  Burgi designs and builds its own motors and gearboxes. This unique perspective allows us to push our machines to their limits and grants us the ability to consult with you on options that other system integrators and motor manufacturers do not recognize or understand.

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High-Speed Test Benches

Thanks to modern variable frequency drives (VFDs) we are able to design and build high-speed test stands that deliver a specific torque to speed profile. With the closed-loop operation, very accurate control of speed and torque can be achieved. Utilizing the proper control methods, combined with power-dense low‐inertia motors (which we design and build ourselves) we can create highly responsive machines which simulate real-world load profiles. We offer touchscreen-operated control and monitoring systems for the test stands as well as for the test articles. We have vast experience designing robust machine bases, to dampen vibrations in your applications (our largest cast and machined bases weigh over 4 tons). Our cooling and lubrication systems are uniquely designed to support our motors and deliver peak performance from these high RPM test stands. Ultimately Burgi offers you the ability to purchase a world-class turn-key package from the same engineering firm that designed the high-speed motor going into your test stand.


Why Choose Burgi For Your High RPM Test Bench?

Burgi is an undisputed leader when it comes to high-speed test benches that utilize extreme performance AC motor technology. Our AC motors drive systems and ancillary support equipment are integrated into high rpm test benches that have earned a global reputation. When we ask our most demanding customers why they select our test stands, they tell us, “No one else can deliver a product to meet our test requirements.” Our principal engineer has been working in this industry for over 35 years and Burgi Engineers LLC has been in business since 2002.


High-Speed Aerospace Test Stands

Burgi’s aerospace test stands are used for a variety of R&D applications in aerospace test labs and FAA repair shops. We have designed high-speed systems with inertia simulation (link to Inertia Simulation experience page) capabilities that do away with the need for traditional flywheel weights. As well as numerous test stands for testing aircraft pumps, generators, traction motors, seals, and bearings.


High-Speed Automotive Test Stands

Burgi’s automotive test stands are frequently used by automotive companies for both end-of-line verification testing as well as research and development work. We have delivered high-speed systems with low inertia for torque pulse simulation testing of transmissions as well as very fast and power-dense test benches for the development of EV motors.


High-Speed Test Bench Project Experience

We have sold jet engine test stands that simulate the speed and torque profiles of a gas turbine engine, automotive engine test stands that replicate the torque pulses of each cylinder firing on a 300 kW V8 internal combustion engine, a high-speed test bench with a maximum speed of 70,000 RPM at 225 kW and a high power test bench that generates 1,120 kW at 9,000 RPM. Check out some of the other success stories in the experiences section of this website.


International Industry Leaders In High Power Test Benches

We provide high-speed/high-power test benches to customers in the automotive and aerospace industry around the world. Burgi is your most reliable choice when it comes to custom and high-speed test benches. Request a quote for your high rpm test bench today!

25,000 RPM / 25 HP Seal Test Stand
28,000 RPM / 300 HP Generator Test Stand

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