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High Inertia Clutch Test Stand



Max RPM: 10,200 RPM
Max Torque: 704 FT‐LBS
Max Power: 402 HP
Rotor Shaft Inertia: 3.5 Kg-M^2

This test stand was purchased by an an aerospace component testing company. The motor is a water cooled 50S frame size from our Speed Freq liquid cooled AC motor product line, it is designed and manufactured by Burgi, and boasts an impressive 402 HP output over a broad speed range (3,000 – 10,200 RPM). The test stand also includes a Variable Frequency Drive, with breaking resistors which can slow the rotor shaft (with 3.5 Kg-M^2 inertia) from 10,200 RPM to 0 RPM in 15 seconds, and the large cast base extends forward and has mounting provisions for the customer’s test article.

402 HP Water Cooled Speed Freq® AC Motor Video