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Custom and High Speed Gearboxes

Burgi Engineers designs and builds gearboxes for unique applications. We have years of experience with gearbox drive trains. Utilizing our parametric modeling software capabilities we take advantage of rapid prototyping of castings and machined parts for timely first article delivery. From custom interface requirements to high-speed applications, we are able to assist our customers. Whether your gearbox needs are a part of a larger test stand package, or if you have a stand‐alone industrial gearbox requirement, Burgi Engineers LLC can provide you the best gearbox for your money and we routinely beat the competition on delivery. Upon review of your application we may be able to eliminate your requirement for a gearbox altogether. In many cases, we can provide you with a custom AC motor that is able to provide a broad range of power, torque, and speed that may allow you to exclude the gearbox from your installation. This is yet another way that Burgi Engineers offers superior value to our customers. Gearbox elimination results in lower noise, less maintenance, and reduced space requirements in many cases. Contact Burgi Engineers LLC today for a consultation.


C-Face Mounted Gearbox

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