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Control and Data Acquisition Systems

Touchscreen-Control-PanelBurgi Engineers AC motor drive packages and fluid recirculating systems operate the most efficiently when they are controlled and monitored by the control and data acquisition systems we have specifically designed, built and tested to run them. Our control systems utilize programmable logic controllers, variable frequency drives for pump control, and touch screen interfaces. They monitor instrumentation on the recirculating system to gather and display information about the system’s vitals such as pressure, temperature, and flow rate. Our data acquisition systems monitor and display feedback from accelerometers, thermocouples, and Klixons in the motor(s) and gearbox(s). All systems are designed to be wall mounted and utilize connectorized cabling for enhanced mobility of the units. Both control systems and DAQ systems are designed to be operated locally from an HMI touchscreen or remotely via Modbus TCP/IP over Ethernet, and also include a limited function digital input/output customer interface. Password protected screens and operation limitations can be configured at a supervisors’ disposal. Programmable set points provide the user with flexibility while maintaining robust system integrity. Two levels of condition notification provides a differentiation between warnings and critical faults, thus preventing unnecessary shutdown of the test stand. Control systems are programed to allow for continuous cycling of fluid independent of motor shutdowns. All systems include a fault interlock for integration with customer fault circuits and emergency stop circuits. We can also design and build custom control and DAQ systems for your needs aside from a motor or test stand purchase. Contact us to discuss how Burgi Engineers control and data acquisition panels can improve your operations

The A9400028 is our standard control panel to operate the Series A961 fluid recirculating systems. The A9400029 is our standard motor (and gearbox) monitoring DAQ unit. Dimension prints and 3D CAD models of both can be downloaded below.


A9400029 Dimension Print
A9400029 3D CAD Model
Motor Monitoring Screen Shots