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High Performance Experience Advantage

No one in the world has the same experience or capabilities as Burgi Engineers when it comes to the ultra-high performance realm (high speed combined with high torque) of AC motor drive packages and the ancillary products to support those packages. When we ask our most demanding customers why they select our products, they tell us, “It’s simple, no one else can deliver a product that meets our requirements.” Our principle engineer has been working in this industry for over 30 years and Burgi Engineers LLC has been in busienss since 2002. We have sold systems that simulate gas turbines, and systems that replicate the torque pulses of a 415 Horsepower V8 internal combustion engine. Test stands that spin over 60,000 RPM at 300HP to test stands that generate 1,500 HP at 9,000 RPM. Check out some of the success stories that we have referenced on this website in the experiences section.