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High-Performance Electric Motors

Simply put, Burgi high-performance electric motors exceed others in broad range torque, power, and speed performance.

High-Performance AC Motors

Burgi offers both liquid-cooled and air-cooled configurations of its high-performance electric motors. We have a large selection of existing designs of semi-standard high-performance AC induction motors, that come in a variety of cooling and lubrication schemes. We say “semi-standard” because almost every motor we sell requires some level of customization to the rotor and stator to match the motor’s performance to the customer’s required speed/torque profile, as well as accommodating unique customer interface requirements. 

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high torque electric motors

Why Choose Burgi For Your High RPM, Power, and Torque Electric Motor?

Burgi has been in business designing and manufacturing high-performance electric motors since 2002. We have years of field experience relative to rotating machinery integration and have built our current designs upon numerous prior successes. Unlike many of our competitors, our high torque electric motors are designed for true continuous duty applications. Burgi has invested in a high-speed test lab, giving us the opportunity to subject our motor designs to extended duration full-load conditions, this unique advantage has allowed Burgi to better advance the capabilities of our high-performance electric motors.

High RPM AC Motor Specs

We offer direct drive motors with speeds as high as 45,000 RPM (higher speeds can be achieved by combining our high rpm electric motors with our speed-increasing gearboxes). Our high-speed electric motors come in a variety of bearing lubrication schemes including grease, air-oil, and oil-jet. For a breakdown of available speeds and power levels please reference the performance specifications of our Speed Freq® high rpm AC motors.     


High Performance Project Experience

Our high-performance electric motors are used in a variety of applications including electric motor testing and development for EV applications.  See below a 20,000 RPM / 170kW continuous duty motor for EV motor development, this particular high-speed electric motor, was sold along with a second identical motor. The pair could be operated independently or coupled together to achieve a combined power output of 340kW.  Also, pictured below is a high-speed AC motor rated 45,000 RPM / 18.75 kW, which is used in an aerospace R&D facility.     

high rpm ac motor

How We Provide The Highest Performance 

Because Burgi designs and builds these high-performance ac motors ourselves, we have complete knowledge of what goes into each high-performance electric motor. Among other things, we maintain knowledge of the materials being used, the fit between the rotor and shaft, the electrical design, the natural frequency of the rotor, the bearing stiffness values, the component stress levels, and the heat transfer data for various parts of the high-performance ac motor. This allows us to push our high-speed ac motor designs to their limits.

International Industry Leaders In High-Performance AC Motors

Burgi provides high-performance electric motors to customers in the automotive and aerospace testing industries around the world. We can typically get you a quote in a matter of days, and the lead times for our high-performance ac motors are often under 12 weeks for standard designs. Request a quote for your high-performance AC motor today! 

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