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Gearbox Replacement Advantage

Frequently our customers are pleasantly surprised when we propose a Burgi Engineers test stand with no gearbox in the package. Everybody else in the industry quoted their application with a gearbox, why didn’t we? Simple, because, our motor designs are superior and can deliver the high speed/ high torque profile independently, without the need for a step-up gearbox. Certainly there are applications where even we require the integration of a gearbox, but the performance level where that becomes essential for us is substantially higher than most engineers would suspect.

Gearboxes, while sometimes necessary, are not preferred:

  1. They are an additional component to monitor and service (often requiring replacement or refurbishment long before other system components).
  2. They are extremely loud.
  3. They increase the physical footprint of your test stand.
  4. They are an obstacle to simulating real world speed/torque profiles that require minute and rapid variations.