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Disengage “On the Fly” Gearbox



Max RPM: 16,000 RPM
Max Torque: 200 FT-LBS
Max Power: 150 HP
Gear Ratio: 1:1

This test stand was purchased by an aerospace component testing company. It is unique becasue the gearbox can be disengaged from the liquid cooled motor on the fly, while the motor is running at its full speed. This gives the customer the ability to better simulate coast down scenarios without having their test article still coupled to the motor’s rotor assembly which has substantial inertia. It also allows the customer to continue testing off of the motor’s second output shaft without having to stop. Notice the aluminum hub and splined adaptor on the output shaft for interfacing with the test articles. Watch the videos below to see the system run up to top speed and disengage.

Full Speed Gearbox Disengage Video
Decoupling Close-Up Video