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Chassis Dyno Motors

High Torque Chassis Motors

High Torque Chassis MotorsHigh Torque Chassis MotorsHigh Torque Chassis Motors

Max RPM: 750 RPM
Max Torque: 3,519 FT‐LBS
Max Power: 201 HP

Four of these motors are coupled to the rolls of a high torque chassis dynamometer to provide the load for the system. These water cooled AC induction motors were custom designed for a large automotive chassis dyno manufacturer. The motors weigh 5,400 pounds apiece completed, they can deliver 3,519 FT‐LBS of torque continuously from 0 to 300 RPM, with temporary 200% overload capability. They have a 750 RPM maximum speed. These motors were load tested in our test lab as shown in the picture to the left. The link to the video below shows the machining of the 1,400 pound, 4 foot long motor frame and demonstrates our large motor frame machining capabilities.

1,400 Pound Motor Frame Machining Video